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Saturate - Premium Dressing

Saturate - Premium Dressing

We remember when dressings were used on tires to make them appear shiny and more black. There were some instances where we’d use it on rubber pieces like fork gators, knee pads, and truck shock boots, but remember we were kind of obsessed.

Nowadays, if you don’t have a good dressing, half your ride will go through life unprotected and face it, ugly.

Saturate stands out from the crowd as an extremely good performing solution for rubber, vinyl and plastic, but was built as a water-based formula. This helps not only keep these parts protected and looking their best, but keeps the damage that petroleum based products can cause at bay.

Great as it stands for all exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl. We’re often asked by fans of Saturate about dashes, seats and interiors. If you like your dashes somewhat glossy, go nuts. It won’t cause harm. But we prefer ours a little more subdued, so we recommend going with half Saturate and half water in a bottle for interiors. It can also make seats a little slick for a while, so beware if you’re going full bore on the interior. Especially if you have a large bench and no belts in, say, a ’58 Impala or something. You’ll probably find yourself making a left and sliding into the passenger seat. But, hey - the tuck 'n roll will look great.

-ShineBox Mfg. Co.

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