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Prep - Spray Lubricant and Detailer

Prep - Spray Lubricant and Detailer

Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of Prep. We call it our lubricant and instant detailer because that’s a couple of things that it’s good for, and we couldn’t fit “all-around everyday best clean and maintain and remove daily dust and fingerprints and road crap and use on pretty much any surface anywhere liquid” on the bottle.

 Prep doesn’t contain any wax, so it’s perfect for matte, satin and flat finishes, and it won’t strip any existing wax, making it perfect for gloss surfaces, too! How can it be great at so many things? It just is. Use it to prep your surfaces for polish and wax, or use it to maintain the clean on beautifully polished and waxed surfaces.


  • Great 5 minute daily cleaner on ride days - good for any surface from front to back.

  • Excellent for cleaning nasty road grime and dirt from rims and spokes- spray it on a soft microfiber towel and wipe clean.

  • Great at removing bugs

  • Excellent helmet and visor cleaner

  • Helps you keep your bike clean so you can wash less - or never!
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