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New Rage Cycles Rage360 Turn Signals

New Rage Cycles Rage360 Turn Signals

Rage360 Turn Signals offer the latest in front signal design, giving you nearly 360 degrees of light that's never been done before. Molded PETG tubing with incredible memory forming capabilities, our one of a kind design will snap on to any fork tube without sacrificing durability.

Installation has never been easier:
  • No hardware required to mount
  • No zip ties, set screws, or adhesive elements for proper mount
  • No disassembling of fork tubes
  • Anyone can install, regardless of mechanical expertise!
This simply, well.. simplifies everything for you. These universal turn signals fit all fork applications without compromising shape, brightness, or durability.

Our LEDs have our standard lifetime warrantee - no questions asked.

Optional modules that can be added to your order:
  • Load equalizer to slow the flash rate. Without this module, these signals may flash slightly faster than stock, but is not required for product to function properly.
  • Running Light upgrade turns the signals into a half intensity running light, and full intensity blinker when applied.
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