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Big Fin Exhaust Clamp

Big Fin Exhaust Clamp



Motone Big Fin Exhaust Clamps for Triumph Bonneville Twins will not fit Speedmaster or America

These clamps are made in diecast aluminum in 2 pieces to fit around the top of the header as it is bolted on to the cylinder exhaust stub.

These do not replace the existing clamps but rather fit around them.

Inspired by the Webco style big finned clamps of the 1960s and 70s they also provide additional cooling area to the exhausts and will reduce pipe blueing.

We have made them in 2 versions, one with a smaller inside diameter to fit the 1.5 inch headers of the original carb Bonneville (built from 2001-2008) and another with a larger inside diameter for the EFI bikes (2008-2015).

These will not work as they come on the Scrambler stock exhausts (or 2 into 1 exhausts in general) due to the sharp angle the left hand side header exits the cylinder. In this instance its possible to file the fins.

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